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The Kisumu Institute of Community Development Training is committed to providing affordable, accessible, sustainable and quality training by ensuring our services are effective and efficient and meet the needs and expectations of the community at large.


To engage in applied research to promote innovation and appropriate technology in the changing world.

To empower Training for self-reliance to graduates of Secondary and Primary Schools to enable them enter the world of work either as self- employed workers.

To enhance grading courses to people already in employment whether salaried or self – employed.

To provide continuing education and further training through full time and part-time

To provide an entrepreneurial culture within KICDT and the immediate community and to inculcate this in KICDT students through business related courses..

To establish and run income-generating enterprises for the purpose of generating funds to support training and also to provide facilities for internal practical attachment.

The primary objective of the institute is to equip trainees with technical occupational skills that would make them self-reliant. A lot of emphasis is laid on the acquisition of practical skills, sound work attitudes and entrepreneurial skills. To achieve this, an integrated approach is used where related subjects are taught together with the main courses.

The institute intends to identify and concentrate on demand-driven training programmes and endeavor to make its courses more efficient and relevant to the needs of the community.

A high standard of discipline and a deeply-rooted academic culture has strongly emerged at KICDT and those who join the institute find it academically rewarding.

Empowering communities with Skills