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KICDT is in the process of implementing Smart Classroom which consists of unique concept integrating ICT based learning with traditional hands-on education, to create a ultramodern classroom.

The Smart Classroom concept consists of two classroom:

In the lecturer demonstration room, teachers have access to other interactive presentations, demonstrations, exercises, tests, specific teacher and student materials covering vocational, engineering and life skills subjects. The state-of-the-art ICT laboratory assists exploration and investigation through on-screen simulations and virtual experiments for different vocational and engineering topics.

In the students’ demonstration-room, a rich ICT environment with a focus on improving new technologies for TVET exists.  Learners are able to experiment with new technologies by exploration, simulations and practical exercises.

Benefits of Smart Classrooms.

Spur innovation and provoke creative and catalytic thinking.

Opportunity to teach and learn design skills.

Activate students’ problem-solving based learning.

Incubator for improving TVET.

Empowering communities with Skills